God’s Firestorm II (DVD Out!)

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God's Firestorm II

God's Firestorm II
(GOD's wild firestorm)

A 2 DVD set – price includes Pack & Post within Australia

A documentary film on GOD’s transforming firestorm of revival that started among Yolŋu Aborigines at Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island in 1979 and spread around Arnhem Land and then across most of Australia. 

GOD’s firestorm I documentary film told the story of GOD’s transforming firestorm of revival that started on Elcho Island among Yolŋu Aborigines in 1979. 

GOD’s firestorm II takes up the story as the firestorm spread to Central Australia and Warburton Ranges in remote Western Australia and started The Crusades that moved through the Goldfields and around W.A., S.A., Victoria and parts of N.S.W. 

Produced by John Blacket, who was involved in the movement, the story is told by people who were involved in this incredible move of God.