• New Resources - Dec 2015:

• Kurta Ron Williams last Walkabout DVDs   - 2 amateur DVDs from the archives, of Kurta Ron tellings stories and teaching during his last trip through  Central Australia - his authentic style and insights that are legendary!

• Come Walkabout with Ron Williams CD - 12 of Ron's original songs recorded in 1997, including 'The Windmill Song' and 'Blue Heeler Dog' - reissued through Khesed Productions.

• Praise Corroboree CDs - 2 CD pack of worship recorded live at Parliament House in 1997 & 1998 during Praise Corroboree - reissued through Khesed Productions.

• GOD's Firestorm - Elcho Island DVDs - the first 2 documentary DVDs of the revival that started at Elcho Island in 1979. The second 2 DVDs telling the story of the spread around the nation will be available by mid 2016. - Based on the book 'Fire in the Outback'

• Fire in the Outback - new eBook version available for download: available very soon!


Yuminia UluruBarkPetition

About the Petition
The heart of the Uluru Bark Petition states that marriage between man and woman is, and has always been, sacred to the oldest living culture on earth. The Petition adds that fathers and mothers – who are deeply honoured in Aboriginal culture – also form the “foundation of our families, clans and systems, and pass down our teachings, our culture, our traditions, from generation to generation.”

You can sign the petition to join the fast-growing number of people sending a message to the Australian Parliament:


Read more: Uluru Bark Petition - Marriage is Sacred

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