Tribute to WCGIP Founder, Monte Ohia

Monte Ohia graduated into the eternal presence of his Creator and Lord suddenly on Thursday 12 June 2008.

Monte was a Maori Christian leader, who founded the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People in 1996, and has been held every second year in a different nation since. The following tribute was written by Ps Ray Minniecon, Australian Aboriginal Christian leader, who was one of the WCGIP Vision Keepers with Monte from the beginning.



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Then …. & Now

Then …. & Now

The following was written by Sam Watson in May, 2006, and sheds insights on the current situation across the nation.

The Aboriginal community of inner Brisbane, have set up a Men¹s Group that will dedicate itself to working with our and our youth. We will also make it a high priority to support our women, our Elders and consolidate our community generally. We have to remember that our men can play a very large part in the struggle towards our liberation as a people: we are the solution not the problem that the white system is trying to paint us as.

We have been meeting regularly as men and talking up our Men¹s Business  and we have been very concerned about the political witch hunt that has been orchestrated by politicians  both black and white, to attack Aboriginal men and marginilise us even further.

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Let’s Rebuild Australia


Let's Rebuild AustraliaThere is a jigsaw coming together today from the visions and dreams that a number of people have had during the last twenty-five years. Some of these people know that what they have seen and felt is really important, but they are now realising that those things are also a part of an awesome picture that God is putting together. We want to explain that picture to you.      

The picture is one of repairing and affirming godly foundations for the nation and replacing ungodly ones, so that Australia can move forward from this point in time, to be:

  • a nation with relationships of trust and respect between all peoples, especially between indigenous and non-indigenous people
  • a nation fulfilling its very significant destiny in the world by helping others find release from bondage and oppression through Jesus Christ.

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