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Fire in the Outback


The stories from Aboriginal Christians of the revival that swept around Australia,
starting at Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island, in 1979


Expanded edition, published June 2004.

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The stories from Aboriginal Christians of the revival
that swept around Australia,
starting at Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island, in 1979,

including the background behind that movement of the Holy Spirit
and an anylsis of how the church responded to it.

"The most thoroughly researched and readable account of Christianity touching the lives of Australian Aborigines."

"A real classic."
" Every Australian believer should read this book."


"Australian Aborigines are the most evangelised people
in the world with the least developed Christian growth"
Ron Williams, Aboriginal pastor and elder


God took the outcasts - rejected and despised Australian Aborigines - and transformed whole communities in a few days, first on an island in north Australia and later across the north, centre and west of Australia. This fire of revival transformed health, hygiene, attitude to work and education, and brought true reconciliation and love between families, clans and tribes that had been fighting for many generations.

Fire in the Outback is the Aborigines' own stories of what happened. It is a very frank, exciting and balanced presentation that challenges our own lives as it looks at the roots, background and results of a revival that points the way for the future.

This is the story of real community transformation that produced many of the next generation of indigenous leaders and prepared the way for Australia's first peoples to take their God-given role in real leadership in one of the most multicultural nations on earth.

Written by John Blacket
First published 1997
Expanded second edition 2004 eBook edition 2015 by Vivid Publishing

John Blacket grew up in Sydney with Aborigines
from all over Australia visiting frequently.

He has been a schoolteacher, community worker, Christian minister and encourager to them for over fifty years, and was involved in the move of God's Spirit among Aborigines that started at Elcho Island in 1979.

He has written several books
and produced a number of documentary and teaching films.

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