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Khesed Ministries

AUD10.00 each


If you would like to donate to the ongoing ministry of Khesed you can:

1. support us by buying any of our resources       or

2. you can donate via paypal, our secure on-line payment service      or

             [Paypal charge a fee of about 2.5%]       

3. send a cheque or money order to   Khesed Ministries, PO Box 448 Cannington, Western Australia, 6987     or

4. contact us by email to get our bank account details for a direct deposit into our account 



  • There is no GST paid on donations to Khesed.
  • Donations to Khesed cannot be claimed as a tax deduction [we've tried several times to change this, but we fall through the cracks of  government regulations]. 

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