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GOD's FIRESTORM - Elcho Island on Fire



Available as a free download from YouTube:


A documentary film on GOD’s transforming firestorm of revival that started among Yolŋu Aborigines at Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island in 1979 and spread around Arnhem Land and then across most of Australia.

The film looks at Yolŋu traditional life, the history of Christianity in Arnhem Land, and the move of God's Spirit leading up to the firestorm and the beginning of its spread around the nation.

The film GOD's WILD FIRESTORM fills out the story of the spreading fire around Australia.

Produced by John Blacket, who was involved in the movement. The story is told by people who were part of this incredible move of God.

 Thanks very much indeed for those 4 copies of “God’s Firestorm”.  Terrific stuff!
Every church in Australia needs to watch them, not just the Aboriginal churches!  I’ll be ordering a few more copies soon.

Disc 1
GOD’s Firestorm: Elcho Island Fireball

Runtime: 86:28 minutes

  1. Island on Fire

  2. Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island

  3. GOD & Aboriginal People

  4. Firestorm Ready!

  5. Church & Community in 1970s

  6. FIREBALL 1979 !!!

  7. The Fire Spreads

Disc 2

GOD’s firestorm: Elcho Extra Stories

Runtime: 74 minutes
Additional stories f
rom GOD's Firestorm by Dan & Sue Armstrong, Djiṉiyiṉi Goṉḏarra, Wendell Flentje, Anna Edwards and Jovilisi Ragata. This video includes worship dances and Buthimaŋ’s prayer map.

A Khesed Production
© 2015 John Blacket


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