Khesed 2019 Director's Report

Note: Khesed Ministries Board made the decision on 9 November 2019 to cancel its registration as an incorporated association. The decision was made to cease operation as we felt the organisation was no longer needed, having fulfilled its God-given calling. The ministry will go on through John & June Blacket and a number of other organisations and people. We particularly want to thank all our supporters - those who have prayed, given in finance and practical support over the 30 years ministry, especially our Board, Advisors and Evangel Christian Fellowship in Perth.

See the 2019 Director's Report for more explanation of this decision.


Khesed Ministries Director's Report     November 2019

Times of Change
It is now 31 years since June and I first felt the Lord speaking to us about a new ministry with Aboriginal people, and that we were to move to Perth from the parish ministry in Geraldton.

Our time since we established Khesed Ministries in August 1989 has been extremely rewarding and challenging.

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Organisation & History

Khesed Ministries' directors, John & June Blacket, have been at the frontline of rebuilding nations through encouraging and facilitating the ministry of indigenous leaders for many years.

After a number of years of involvement with Aborigines in NSW and NT, John had a vision of God lighting a fire of revival among Aborigines which would spread to non-Aborigines and beyond Australia.

Khesed Ministries was established in 1989 to further facilitate this vision.

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Foundations & Beliefs

God has given indigenous people a unique role in His Kingdom. It is only as the Church in Australia recognises and embraces the contribution of Aboriginal people that it will it fulfill its calling in the world.

The whole earth belongs to God and we are His stewards together in the land. We need to learn God's ways to work together in caring for His land.

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