The Place of Prayer

rebuildlogo.jpgPrayer has been a key foundation of what has already been done, and must remain central in all this.
Aboriginal leader, Kurta Ron Williams called for a time of national prayer and fasting in Canberra, that was held a few days after his death in October 2003. His invitation was a plea:

Please join me in prayer for the desperate plight our people are in....

My heart is so grieved for our tribal people… Many of our people are very sick and dying physically, morally, spiritually, and mentally all around Australia. Money is only part of the answer, and actually just a small part. We need to fast and pray and seek the Lord’s face. We need unity and a sense of God’s power to build and restore like the book of Nehemiah tells us… Forget our trivial differences, before it is too late… Only God can breathe life into the valley of decimated, divided, decaying and discouraged dry bones (Ezek. 37) – humble ourselves and pray that God will save our people from this accelerated attitude of hopelessness and despair – people who are dying in sin, shame and despair.

Thank God for those who have achieved and done well in so many areas – but let us never forget the many thousands who just cannot cope in the rush of today’s society.

Indigenous intercessors are beginning to take their place, and this must be encouraged and their place recognised. Indigenous leaders have an authority from God that non-indigenous people do not have. True partnership in prayer is essential, or all our efforts are futile.

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