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GOD's Story Simply Aussie


an 80 minute DVD telling the Gospel story from Creation to Eternity




    Simply Aussie version


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 One of the resources that is having a powerful impact across the world is GOD's Story - an 80 minute DVD/CD telling the Gospel story from Creation to Eternity. This has been translated into more than 300 languages. Thousands of Buddhists, Hindus, tribal people and even non-religious people have accepted the truth of God's Word when they see God's Story starting from Creation and the Fall, rather than starting half way through God's Story with stories of Jesus.  It has had a profound effect on many Christians' lives, bringing them to a much deeper relationship with God and understanding of their faith.

God's Story: From Creation To Eternity, this DVD presents the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in an 80-minute video. Covering the Old and New Testaments, it shows God's plan to rescue fallen mankind.

It is based on paintings by Norm McGary, who illustrated for Walt Disney and Hanna Barbera Inc., with a story line written by Bible Teacher, Dorothy Miller, with Dean Jones as the original narrator.
The DVD uses graphic effects on the 200 paintings in the series.

For more details and stories of how God is using this DVD, go to

The God's Story Project  PO Box 187  Hernet  CA  92546  USA   


GOD's Story - Simply Aussie is re-written in language that is understood by Aussies, including indigenous and immigrant Australians with limited English. This version was written by John & June Blacket and Tony Dower, with narration by Dan Armstrong, didgeridoo music by Adrian Ross.

Our dream is to get a copy of this version, GOD's Story Simply Aussie, into every Australian home.

God's Story - Simply Aussie is produced and distributed by

Khesed Productions, a division of Khesed Ministries Inc.  

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