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Yolngu Youth
Dan & Sue Armstrong’s were at Elcho Island in May, and many children and youth responded to the Lord.
Then in July they spent several weeks in Pitjantjatjara communities. UAICC Support Worker, Peter Greenwood,
organised for them and an Irish couple to spend time teaching elders and others.

We’ve been getting good calls from Elcho re the young people moving on. We had a very good
time in the desert. Paul and Hillary Kyle are about reconciliation and were in Belfast in the 70s
when charismatic renewal was at its peak. Their Presbyterian church began to fill up with Catholics
desiring to move in the Spirit. Out of this came a tight community that flourished even during the
worst of the riots and rebellions between the protestants and catholics.

Their music was really meaningful to the desert people. We blended wonderfully on all the
nights in Mimili, Ernabella and Amata with good response and we had some good meetings with
local Christian leaders during the days. On the Sunday morning in the newly refurbished Ernabella
church, Dan preached on Forgiveness and four leaders were the first ones out. That night we had a
significant breakthrough with the youth. We had nine fires going as it was freezing and Dan spoke
of the Elcho vision of the fire sticks and challenged the youth to run with the fire...

A Pocket of FIRE
New Film Project - John Blacket

We had a great time filming in North
Queensland in April, with about 25 hours
of film taken. It was exciting to hear of the
perseverance in prayer that sent out about 30
Christian leaders from about 30 indigenous
families in Pinnacle Pocket & Innisfail.

Since then I have been processing and
editing, with a week spent with Es Giddy
in Sydney working on it. Eagle Rock church
band recorded some songs for background
music, and Pastor Tim Edwards suggested
the new title: A Pocket of Fire – that sets a
Nation on Fire.

Plans are for a 50-minute documentary
that is in two halves, so that they can be shown
separately or as one film.

Over the next month I want to complete
the initial edit. Es Giddy will spend a week
with us in Perth in September working with
me before we send it out for checking. We
will then get a professional editor to do the
final edit, hoping to have it available by the
end of October.

Khesed Directors Program

Healing The Land Road Trips - a season of
encouraging and facilitating the healing of the
ancient lands of this nation and its people.

August/September editing work on
A Pocket of Fire DVD documentary

10- 26 August Eagle Rock Training Centre
– English For Missions – June Blacket

16-19 August Eagle Rock Training Centre
– Teaching: Studying the Bible – John

22 Sept. – 16 Nov. 8 week road trip:
Central Desert – NSW – VIC - SA

15-25 Oct. Newcastle - Sydney

26 Oct.-5 Nov. NSW - VIC

6-16 Nov. SA-WA

Please email or phone us if you would like
to catch up with us or organise a meeting with
a small [or large] group or at your church.

Health and Finance – Last week I received
an email from a schoolmate who said:
“we are both doing OK for a couple of ‘almost

Well, through every challenge, June
and I are not just OK, we are going real
good! God continues to bless us – HEAPS!!
Thank you for your prayers for John & June’s
health & finance.

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