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7th - 17th November   Report from Pastor Tim Edwards, 
Eagle Rock Community Church

Pastor Tim Edwards CHINA MISSION  7th - 17th November
-  report from Pastor Tim Edwards, 
Eagle Rock Community Church

I have been doing short term Mission in China over the past 3 years - our 6th visit leaving on 7th November.
Our mission is mostly Teaching God's Word to over 50 Persecuted Church Leaders who have received Bibles from us and before receiving Bibles only had a small portion of the Bible which they spiritually fed on and fed their Underground Churches. Now with having a full Bible our Team have intense teaching sessions on:
How to study the Bible
Basic understanding of Old & New Testaments
Discipleship & Leadership Principles in their cultural contexts
Power of the Holy Spirit
Plus more including equipping local Chinese Interpreters & Leaders
Most of our 50 Persecuted Church Leaders are very poor Farmers from remote rural areas who have a passion to convey the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Disciple People for the Kingdom of God. When they come together with us for teaching seminars over a 7-10 day period we provide the following for them:
Travel & Accommodation plus food
Teaching materials
Financial gift of approx. $100AUD each = to 650CNY (Chinese Currency)
Plus contribution towards Church Buildings (on average cost $7,000 AUD per building)
There are already 2 buildings donated by 2 donors from Tasmania
Our contributions from Eagle Rock Community Church since these mission into China commenced have been exceptional and I give God all praise and thank you for both of your prayer & financial support given in the previous missions.
I'm asking for your prayer & financial support that would contribute to the impartation of God's Word, equipping & sustaining all these 50 Persecuted Church Leaders for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:10-13); seed sown to bring forth a harvest - these leaders understand this principle because they are farmers.
'From the financial gift given to these poor farmers; many told us they purchase higher quality seed for a more quality harvest'  - 'This short intense mission is like quality or concentrated ministry that will not only sustain these Leaders but equip them to raise up quality Disciples'
I know this notice seems late but God does His best work many times last minute; I'm believing God for an overall mission gift offering for over $10,000 that will be sown into fertile soil in China that would be added to your account for the kingdom of God (read Phil.4:10-17) but main reason raising up Leaders & Disciples.
Many of you may not realise that myself & my wife Di are the only Australian Indigenous Christian Leaders who we know of who is doing this type of mission into China - please pray for:
God's divine protection over us (being who I am I stand out clearly in the crowd) plus we almost got caught last mission;
God's provision to exceed our expectation;
Impartation of God's Word into the Leaders in China;
Great harvest & much fruit from sowing God's Word and finances;
Souls won into the Kingdom of God
Blessings credited to your account because you have sown, plus more.
Our next China mission trip is 
in March 2011.
Commonwealth Bank details: 
ACC NO:  1050 9345  Please include a reference stating for 'CHINA MISSION'  
Eagle Rock Community Church  
Shop 2/91 Lissiman St.  Gosnells 6110 WA  Phone 08 63654138 or 0421817938

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