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CATH SOLOMON (LAKE'S ENTRANCE) Children & Youth Ministries


Cath Solomon is currently organizing a reunion of those who have been part of her East Gippsland kids and youth ministry programs over the years.


For the reunion, Cath is planning a special dinner in November with Syd Thomas, who was a big part of their lives over many years.  Syd is an older man and is not well now, but was delighted to be asked to be guest speaker.


Pray for a young man - Ronald - who initially didn't want to come to the reunion because of a fall-out with a girl who will be coming.  Cath urged him to forgive.  Now he is eager to come as Syd will be there. 


Cath's right hand helper, Bianca is away at present .... however, someone else from the Aboriginal Art Cooperation has come to help out.  This young woman used to come to kid's club herself and is now eager to be involved.


Big renovations are happening at the Aboriginal Co-Op and everyone has been asking Cath:  "where will you go for your youth meetings?"


In the meantime, Cath was pleased to hear from the Co-Op that she is welcome to stay and use their building  Cath is thankful to God for this. 


Bianca will have younger ones in one room, Cath will have another room for older ones + an office for Cath - a bonus!


No need to move and renovate the old building down the road which seemed to be the only option over the past few years.  


There is a stove for Cath's use, but no fridge available to her.  Cath said she is not worried because she knows that somehow God will provide a fridge. Please join her in prayer for this.


Khesed Productions have begun to make DVD/CD recordings of Eagle Rock Church Sunday services. The messages from Ps Tim Edwards and the team are inspiring and helpful, so we are making these DVDs available each month. Some groups in remote communities are getting together to watch them together.

If you would like to receive them, we will post a month of DVDs to you at a time.

Cost is $20 a month, or $200 for a year – ask about sponsoring them for a remote community at our special mission rate.

Scriptures  on Mobile Phones @ Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island 


The mobile phone has become so convenient!


So in 2011, we, the Scripture workers, are seeking how to engage with Scriptures on mobile phones. We are exploring both audio and video formats for the Yolŋu Scriptures, discovering how to make movies on our computers (on Windows and/or Mac) using a variety of images; photos, animation, colour drawings with recordings of God’s word.


“I have the new video clips that are Bible picture stories on my mobile at home. The kids like to listen to it, but sometimes they will fight over watching it! Even the adults, the parents of the children, will fight over my phone with the video clips on it. One of the boys likes the clips very much. He has been listening to the stories every night as his bedtime story. The more he listens to it, the more he is memorising. He can now join along following every word that I speak as the narrator! I’ve heard the children say the words all together, following the story! ...


When I showed the youth leaders these video clips, and spoke to them about how much the story has touched my life, they have said they want it, they are asking for it too- they are transferring them by bluetooth, those Bible video clips onto their own phone.”


It's Wet Season Again! 


Indigenous Ministry Links Australia - Carl Musch -  continues to support local ministries in Cape York and across Arnhem land through to Katherine.   Carl is seeing God moving in building up local pastors,  and in fresh moves of God’s love , power & forgiveness.  There was another ‘Forgiveness Week’ in Beswick in July.


            Carl & the teams travel large distances over vehicle-demolishing remote roads and tracks during the dry season.  Locals minister in these areas in the wet season, but can often travel only very short distances because of swollen rivers and boggy roads.  Pray for those pastoring – for protection for people & vehicles.


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